Telecommunications wiring does not have to be a headache! As a community-based firm, we are committed to customer satisfaction. It is evident by our customer responses that the quality of your experience is our priority. For most projects, our response time is unmatched. We are dedicated to serving your needs, no matter how large or how small, as painlessly and as comfortably as possible.

We've Got IT Wired, Inc., has been serving the telecommunications necessities of businesses in the Bay area and Central California for over 15 years. We operate on a business model of doing what we do best (cabling and the physical layer), and collaborating with specialists in the fields of computer networks and telephony for the establishment of a thorough and comprehensive communications system suited to your specific environment.

Please call today for any and all inquiries. We will provide prompt estimates at no charge to you.

We've Got IT Wired is licensed, insured, incorporated, and with our associates are ready to serve all of your telecommunications needs.

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